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The history of our company

In the idyllic valley of the river "Glinder Au" lies the mill "Steinbeker Mühle" which is owned by the Neubauer family since 1735 and it is in present time one of the oldest companies in Hamburg. The mill was first mentioned in historic documents on September 8th, 1321, when Earl Johann III. of Holstein sold the village "Steinbek" with its watermill for 800 Mark Hamburger Pfennige to the convent in Reinbek, today a supurb of Hamburg. 8 Marks per year of this amount were used to purchase skirts for the nuns.
Like all other mills loacted at the river "Glinder Au" the mill had to struggle several difficulties during early centuries. The mill was set on fire several times and owners often changed. At that time the mill ground the grain of local farmers as well as ragged clothes for the paper production and lumber to extract color dyes.