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Since 1960 coconut shells have been milled to granule and flour. These shells are imported from Sri Lanka and Malaysia, in former times also from the South of India, Tanzania, the Ivory Coast and Jamaica.

On May 1st, 1985 the Neubauer mill celebrated its 250th anniversary in presence of the first mayor of the city of Hamburg of that time, Dr. Klaus v. Dohnanyi. On the same day the cornerstone for the new office building was laid. In 1994 the companies "Mahlwerk Neubauer GmbH" and "Friedrich Geffers GmbH" were merged to the "Mahlwerk Neubauer-Friedrich Geffers GmbH". On May 1st, 2010 the Neubauer mill celebrated its 275th anniversary in presence of official representatives of the city of Hamburg.

For all construction projects it was tried in co-operation with local authorities to maintain the historic look of the mill in Kirchsteinbek. It is the aim of the Neubauer family to preserve the mill at its historic site. Throughout the centuries the old mill developed into a medium-sized family-owned business and we are endeavoring to manage it successfully, so that also for future generations the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe will stand:

What you have inherited from your ancestors needs to be earned before it is owned.

"Was Du ererbt von Deinen Vätern, erwirb es um es zu besitzen."